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Pharmaceutical architecture is a critical system in the quality and integrity of pharma and medicine-based products and laboratories. It requires a clean, contaminant-free, and sterile environment that meets three principal functions:

Manufacture or process efficacious, safe and good quality products

Protect employees from contact with hazardous materials or pathogens and prevent health problems from prolonged exposure to chemicals or allergens.

Comply with regulatory standards and good manufacturing practice (GMP)

For this reason, aspects such as pharmaceutical design, laboratory construction and cleanroom facility validation require careful consideration of its intended use and must be executed meticulously – by professionals.

​Clean Air Facilities: From Evaluation to Validation


Cleanroom Technologies (CRT) assists pharmaceutical operations to meet their end-to-end cleanroom accountability by providing total cleanroom solutions. We ensure the validation of the supply, distribution and filtration of clean air and the material of construction and equipment that provides the correct class of cleanliness required for your cleanroom process and function.

Clients should take note that the most effective way of maintaining the air quality in a cleanroom post-installation, is to operate and maintain it correctly.

Purpose-design and layout of cleanrooms

Procurement of cost-effective products / equipment

Building and installation of cleanrooms

Compliance with appropriate cleanliness levels to meet validation standards

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