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Cleanroom Technologies Pty Ltd (CRT) specialises in end-to-end Pharmaceutical and Laboratory cleanroom design, installation and products. Our top priority is to provide our clients with new or modified cleanrooms and equipment to fit your exact needs. We pride ourselves on ensuring that your cleanrooms are validated, graded and certified to ISO 14644, which is the primary authority in South Africa.


Our modular rooms can incorporate existing building walls, or can be free-standing within your facility. We procure all the products/equipment for your cleanroom to fit with your budget and design blueprint, while still meeting required standards. This enables us to do quick and easy installations of any size with minimal disruption to your facility.


We have over 30 years’ of engineering and specialist architecture skills, which enable us to provide clients with creativity and flexibility to understand your unique operational requirements and meet your specific cleanroom needs.

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Pharmaceutical architecture is a critical system in the quality and integrity of pharma and medicine-based products and laboratories. It requires a clean, contaminant-free, and sterile environment that meets three principal functions:

Manufacture or process efficacious, safe and good quality products

Protect employees from contact with hazardous materials or pathogens and prevent health problems from prolonged exposure to chemicals or allergens.

Comply with regulatory standards and good manufacturing practice (GMP)

For this reason, aspects such as pharmaceutical design, laboratory construction and cleanroom facility validation require careful consideration of its intended use and must be executed meticulously – by professionals.

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